2017 Living with Vision Loss Seminar Schedule

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I can now go to the grocery store and shop confidently.

Bev Living with Low Vision Seminar Participant March 18, 2017

Living with Vision Loss Seminars are 2-3 day workshops aimed at supporting you to become more independent as you navigate adjusting to vision loss. Each workshop is focused on a topic and professionals and peers with expertise on that topic share information, resources and support you in gaining knowledge and skills. You will get a chance to get hands-on experience with skills and equipment while enjoying the support of your peers. These are overnight camps where you can relax, enjoy meals and the facilities of the park while you gain skills and knowledge.

Contact us at 503-668-6195 or oralhull@gmail.com to register or find out more information.

2017 Living with Vision Loss Seminar Schedule

January 17-19  Communication and Technology
February 7-9   Arts and Hobbies
March 7-9   Cooking and Cleaning
March 28-30  Introduction to Living with Vision Loss
April 18-20   Health and Wellness
May 17-19  Getting Around with Orientation and Mobility
May 30-June 1   Introduction to Living with Vision Loss
June 14-16   Recreation and Leisure
September 11-13   Transportation
November 28-30   Being Secure in your Community and Home


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