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Adult Adventure and Social Retreats
Living with Vision Loss Seminars
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Adult Adventure and Social Retreats

Several smiling guests in life jackets and holding oars are shown in a raft as it meanders through some white water rapids.

Hull Park’s specialty is adventure retreats for blind and low vision guests! Pick your pleasure (or risk!) by choosing one of our high, or medium adventure camps. Enjoy white water rafting, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, archery, fishing, rock climbing–there is no limit to what might be on the agenda for your exciting day of adventure! We partner with the wonderful team at Adventures Without Limits who are experts in adapting activities to every ability level. Your transportation, some gear, and guides/coaches are provided. You just need to have fun! After a long day of adventures in the wonderful Pacific Northwest, you can look forward to coming back to Hull Park to relax for a nice dinner and companionship of new friends made. Watch our Adventure Retreat Video!


Three guests sit in a toboggan as it races down a snowy hill. The person in the center has his arm outstretched overhead in a triumphant wave.

We also have plenty of activities that are a little less…extreme, if that is more to your liking. We often have activities that are more social in nature where guests can relax at the park and celebrate holidays with fun activities like Halloween costume contests or our Easter Egg-stravaganza. We have had many wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at the park as well, along with many other events throughout the year.

See our current Adult Adventure and Social Retreat Schedule!

Living with Vision Loss Seminars

Our adaptive tech trainer, Nik Petersson, works with a guest on an iPhone in our tech seminar.

We are very excited to offer our ongoing series of Living With Vision Loss Seminars. These seminars are 2-3 day events at the park where our team of experts on vision loss work with participants to expand their skills and independence as a person with blindness or low vision. Each seminar focuses on a different topic that is pertinent to blind people. Past topics have included:

  • Using technology (computers, smart phones)
  • Cooking, cleaning, skills of daily living
  • Orientation and Mobility, Transportation and getting around
  • Hobbies and Recreation
  • Braille and communications
  • And more!

These seminars are great for people new to blindness, especially (but not limited to) older individuals who are losing vision. Even if you have been blind for awhile, you may learn something new! The goal is to help you find new skills, alternative techniques, and resources to help you live your best life and stay independent. These seminars are relaxed, have a low trainer to participant ratio and provide lots of social support as you learn new skills of blindness. They are a lot of fun, too!

A man leans over to work on a Perkins Brailler (typewriter-like machine that writes in Braille).

Watch our Living With Vision Loss Seminar Video.

See our Living with Vision Loss Schedule.


Care Team Training Seminars

A gentleman in a blue shirt sits between an elderly couple pointing at a prescription bottle, explaining the adaptive resources available for medications.

To continue our dedication and provide services to all, we are creating a specialized 4-day training seminar for professional medical care teams at skilled nursing and assistive living facilities.  These seminars will teach professionals how to give the best care to their patients and residents with blindness & low vision. In addition to the new training seminars we are also providing year-round assistance to handle specific questions from these same facilities via phone or email. This national training program will open a door that has been closed for most professionals who enter the skilled nursing field without the comfort of knowing some common needs for assisting those with blindness or low vision.

Rent Our Facilities

In back of the lodge, a fountain is surrounded by several raised flower beds and benches. The fountain is a good sound cue for finding the lodge.

Our facilities are a wonderful place to celebrate weddings, family reunions, corporate events, or other groups. When our blindness related events are not in session, we would love to talk with you about making Hull Park the setting of your next event. Rentals can be overnight or for the day. We can cater and help you plan how to best serve your guests comfortably for an event you won’t forget!

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A scene looking out of the property from our Garden of Enchantment. Red and purple flowers and greenery are shown in the foreground. A gravel path gently slopes to the left. A grassy meadow and trees are in the background under a blue sky.